The Italy Chronicles: Vol 7

Travel hot spot: Verona, Italy

Who doesn´t dream of a romantic trip to Italy?  Verona is quite the city of romance and charm, and in a very non-assuming way.  For those who aren´t well-read, (all of my fan base, of course, should be) Verona is the spot where Juliet and her Capulet family lived and and where Juliet professes her love during the famous balcony scene to Romeo…¨Romeo, Romeo…wherefore art thou Romeo¨.  It´s a small town with beautiful, crumbling architecture and a soft, romantic, historical mood.

Sights to see: Juliet´s ever so famous home and balcony, and the fully intact ´Arena´as it is called in Italian, a sight more spectactular than the coluseeum in Rome, because it´s actually whole and not broken!  There is a charming main plaza and many tiny little streets to wander and get lost in.  The main plaza plays host to a small market with fruit and other interesting crafts and handmade articles.  There is also a full street of shopping with all of Italy´s best designers, as well as smaller and cheaper boutiques for those not interested in the designer goods.  The food is well priced and there is delicious gelato and chocolate readily available, just as it should be in Italy!  See pictures below.

The first two pictures are of the Arena, outside and in

Juliet´s home and balcony

Some beautiful hand painted items in the market

A little romantic history here, in both English and Italian


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