The Italy Chronicles: Vol 6

Street Fashion: Milan

One thing I noticed about Milan, besides the fact that everyone was impeccably dressed, was there were a lot of boots, coats, capes and knitwear.  See below for some snapshots of native Milanos wandering about their day.

Love the coat, love the boots, so stylish and cute.  Looks like she went shopping!

Love the knitwear, you can clearly see a designer bag in the background…could be the new Dior? Unsure.  Love the metallic boots as well paired with the casual sweater, adds a little edge.
Ray Bans. Fur. Gucci. Gives a whole meaning to the ´Is he gay or is he European´statement!

This is one of the many capes I spotted in Milan, and I will be posting on capes soon, so stay tuned.

Gorgeous boots, classic trench, perfect purse…can´t go wrong with this girl´s outfit!

Red boots, red bag…thoughts? Not sure about this one!  But the bag, as every girl´s in Milan…is clearly expensive. But does expensive equal trendy? Hmmm.

This look is on the more casual side of what I saw in Milan, but I wanted to include it, because I love the combat boots and Ray Bans!

I am so bummed I didn´t whip my camera out in enough time to snap the front of this 10 year old girl´s tutu dress paired with sneakers!  And the mom…well them as a pair just screams bossy, bossy Milan!


One response to “The Italy Chronicles: Vol 6

  1. Love the red ankle boots! I want to go to Milan!

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