The Italy Chronicles: Vol 4

Strange yet Fabulous Wonders of Milan

I was pleasantly suprised and also slightly confused by several things in Milan that I observed during my travels.  I am going to list them below and when possible, accompany them with a picture.

1.  Regardless of the fact that it´s cold outside, people ride beach cruiser bicycles everywhere.  In designer Armani suits.  With Yorkshire terriers in the baskets.  With Louis Vuitton briefcases or totes in the baskets.  With stilletos on.  Unbelievable.

2.  It´s not only allowed, but seemingly encouraged, to bring your small or medium sized pooch into designer shops.   Featured below, medium sized dog tied to the outside of a bathroom stall located in the five floor Armani store. Hmm.  What happenns if one of this pups has an accident on these designer clothes?!

3.  People are very into earmuffs.  Hmm.

4.  Motorcycles EVERYWHERE.  This isn´t that much different than any other European city, but it´s just funny to see a million motorcycles parked in front of all these glam shops.

5.  They have functioning TROLLEYS as a mode of transportation!!!!!

6.  Don´t be alarmed, PDA is also a norm in this European city.  There are just better dressed people making out instead of goth teens on the metro making out.  I mean they really know how its done, making out in heeled boots is way more fun than making out in converse.  Don´t ask why, it just is, okay!


2 responses to “The Italy Chronicles: Vol 4

  1. 1. I NEED & WANT those ginormous (prettier to say than spell) EARMUFFS!!! Sooo fashion.
    2. Your comment about the make out seh was Jen Lancaster funny. It seiusly made me LOL.
    3. Seriously? Wicker basketed bikes? I feel like out not-so-fashionable Spanish novios mayyy LOL at us for trying, but i mean, I’m down… but like in May when it gets warm… We will start it in Parque Retiro!

  2. PDA, love it and her boots!

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