The Italy Chronicles: Vol 3

Cinzia Rocca: Italian Designer Focus in Milan

A huge standout for me upon my visit to Milan was Italian designer Cinzia Rocca. Their display window blew me away, I was completely hooked.  The business is family owned, which is absolutely endearing, especially in this day in age where everything is licensed out and no one designs their own labels anymore.  Specializing in outerwear, the Rocca family travels all over the world to find the most luxurious fabrics and textiles and even hand sews some of their items-seriously? Hand sewing?! Amazing!  Props to the Rocca family because there clothing is beautiful and impeciblely made, to say the least.    Below is the window display in Milan.

Below is one of my favorite coats from the Cinzia Rocca Winter 2010-11 Collection. Loves!

Love the capeish one button style on this coat!

It´s available for $549 on, down from almost $1000!


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