The Italy Chronicles: Vol 1

Milan´s Window Shopping

Being in Europe, I feel it is important to give proper attention to some of this continent´s most amazing fashion locations, one of those of course being Italy, with special focus on Milan. (Don´t worry Madrid, you are still my number one fave!). This will be one of the many posts I will be putting up with information and experiences about this fashion paradise, Milan.  Additionally, I will be posting about other travel destinations in Italy, just because it´s truly a spectacular haven for a vacation, or to live (must admit…am tempted!).

So, to get started, I will be doing several volumes on Milan. Being in Milan was like being in a fashion dreamworld.  Everyone is fabulously fabulous in every way shape and form: dressed to the T´s, super skinny, super tall, and just super perfect in general.  It was like I was wandering aimlessly through a crowded jumble of designer labels and stilleto knee high boots…and at each streetcorner, staring ever upward towards either a Dolce and Gabana, Prada or Armani shop.  That´s pretty much the best analogy I can give to explain the vibe in Milan…there is a Starbucks on every corner of every street in the continental US and there is a Prada on every corner in Milan.  Enough said, no?

In any case I was left open mouthed by a zillion different aspects of Milan, all which I will be posting in the weeks to come.  First of all, the window displays were FABULOUS.  The merchandising was absolutely dead on and left me drooling outside each and every shop.

My absolute favorites, the standouts, I would say, were MIU MIU and the Versace shop, both pictured below.  (Please excuse the imperfect pictures, I did the best I could, especially while being blinded by fashion)

Check out the glam shoes featured more than once in the MIU MIU shop front!

Finally we have Versace with some crazy lighting! Certaintly was eye catching!  Gotta stand out when surrounded by so much high fashion…


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