Ice Bar Madrid

The first and only ice bar has finally arrived in Madrid!   The bar is created from 10,000 kg of ice!  There are ice sculptures, cold drinks…what more could you want?!  Maybe a coat or gloves? Don´t fret because those are given free to wear during your stay at the bar. They even create their ice sculptures based on current events, for example this Christmas, they´ll have Christmas ice sculptures!

Check out pics!  I´m telling you…on a hot July day…it looks like paradise!  Or I suppose in November and December it would be fun too…though it is pretty icy outside!

The bar is open from 10 am to 2 am daily.  Food is even served-it´s a restaurant too!


Calle Alberto Bosch, behind the Prado Museum

91 389 65 36

678 498 974

Metros: Atocha, Banco de España


One response to “Ice Bar Madrid

  1. 2am.. isnt that kinda early for Madrid!?

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