Madrid Christmas Markets

With Christmas slyly sneaking up on us, as it seems to do every year, lets not forget about the annual Christmas Markets in Plaza Mayor!  Starting at the end of November and staying until Reyes Day, the Christmas Markets are lots of fun, not neccesarily just to buy, but to see all the lights and Christmas decoration around the historical center of Madrid.

The market, although in a touristy location, caters to locals as it sells traditional decor and items used to make a traditional spanish Christmas.  The market dates back to 1860 and is a well-established part of the capital’s festive scene. Many vendors sell ornate statues and materials to make a Belén (a traditional nativity scene that is as essential as a Christmas tree in Spanish homes).

Many costumes and joke items are for sale, as the spanish version of April Fools Day is Dec. 28th in Spain!

Tip: as the markets are in the tourist center, I would avoid peak times like Saturday afternoon.  Try to go at night when you can see the lights all lit up!

Metros: Sol or Opera


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