Love of My Life: Kiko Makeup

I should probably document the moment I fell in love with Kiko.  It was a Monday night last winter. I was cold, alone, sad, and in need of a pick me up.  Vodka, one might ask? No, nail polish was the only answer.  As I wandered down the crowded streets of Fuencarral, suddenly, rays of light pointed me towards my own personal heaven: the Kiko Makeup store.

I skipped into the store, knowing that its black, Mac-esque packaging and sheek polished look would call for expensive prices.  I asked a shopkeeper how much a bottle of nail polish cost, dubiously, knowing I shouldn´t drop 12 euros on yet another new nail polish color.  She told me ´1.90 euros´.  You don´t say! (No me digas, is actually what I said).  But it was true. A plethora of delicious fruity flowery colors of nail polish, all at the palm of my hand for under 2 euros a bottle!

I wasn´t sure how much time had passed in the store. Minutes, maybe, hours, possibly, even days, who knows. All I knew was this place, this place, was the greatest place on earth.

Now flashback to modern day…where my roommate and I have quite a combined collection of Kiko nail polish (bitchfights ensured when we have to move out next year and divy up…I call dibs on the blue´s)

See below for the amazing color variety!

First, some summer colors

Now, some fall and winter picks

The best part about it is that although the nail polish is available at a really great price, the quality is also fantastic. I honestly don´t see a different between Kiko and Essie or OPI.  I have tried many nail polishes in my time and I find that many cheaper brands get gunky or separate shortly after opening but that isn´t the case with Kiko.  And the color selection is phenomenal, they´ve got everything!

A word about their other products…I happen to really like the eyeshadow, bronzer and lipstick I have purchased there as well.  I know my besties are crazy about the black liquid eyeliner as well.  Kiko also has a great selection of eyeshadows, and everything in the store is reasonably priced.  They have good quality brushes, which will run you slightly more expensive but in comparison to other brands, still extremely reasonable.  They even do makeovers and makeup lesssons for 10 euros.

Pictured below: Lipstick, lip pencil, eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner and an eyeliner brush

GET TO KIKO IMMEDIATELY, everyone! Locations: Isla Azul shopping mall, La Gavia shopping mall, Calle Fuencarral

There are also locations throughout Europe, since the chain is based in Milan, Italy.  Sorry Americanos, still not in the USA!  Check out their website for more details.


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  1. Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE!!

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