Ask Lori: Faux Fur…a do or a don´t?

Faux for is an absolute DO!  I love how it´s coming back this season, especially in vest form.  See below for celebs wearing faux fur.

Rachel Zoe fashion goddess wearing this flashy coat (willing to bet her fur is real…)

Sienna Miller looking fly in her faux fur, which is actually from TopShop, 170 pounds!

MK or Ashley Olsen (okay now that Mary Kate is no longer ´rexic, who can tell them apart anymore?!) in this amazing vest (real or faux…lets guess!)

Now this trend isn´t just something celebs can wear…everyone can pull this off. See below!

Heather, in faux fur vest purchased at a boutique on Fuencarral Street in Madrid

Below we have Claire and Andrea.  Claire´s vest is from Blanco and Andrea´s is from Sfera. (Note: Claire´s HUSBAND purchased her vest for her as a birthday gift…if only all our husbands-boyfriends knew fashion as well as David!)

Now a few tips if you want to buy a faux fur vest.  Faux fur is very eye catching so it´s best to tone down the rest of your outfit so the fur can be the focal point.  I recommened pairing with either skinny jeans and a plain black or white top, like Heather and Andrea did, or an LBD like Claire has on. Just pair it with something stylish and simple and you will look fabulous!


3 responses to “Ask Lori: Faux Fur…a do or a don´t?

  1. holla!!! and PS did you notice were all blondes??? does faux fur look better on blondes?!?!?! hmmm…

  2. Me gusta! I’m asking for one for Navidad.
    (Please note that I used some spanish words so I wouldn’t feel left out)

  3. Umm, totes Ashley in the fur, MK’s still a little pale/awkard looking and classy Ashley would never allow those roots on her head!!!


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