Nightlife: Sala Penelope

Anyone who has ever been out in Madrid should know that Penelope is one of the most fabulous nightclubs you can find.  They even have locations in other cities around Spain, such as Alicante, Benidorm, Oviedo, Huelva, Villarobledo, and newly opened location in Segovia, so you can visit Penelope while on hols!  The club´s Madrid location also has a lounge next door to the main club, which is a little more low key but still makes for a memorable night out.

Penelope hosts several special events and parties, and often amazing concerts (Train and Ke$ha just to name a few).  One of their newest events is a hip hop night ¨Penelope Wednesdays¨which features something a bit different than their normal music selection of house-pop.  Penelope Wednesdays is a true evening of hip hop, complete with concerts, dancers, contests and more.  It´s tough to  find a legit hip hop party in Madrid and finally, Penelope Wednesdays is the answer!

Check out the flyer above for location, times, prices etc, not to mention the  great concert they have coming Nov. 10, Lion Sitte Dakaneh.  Check out videos here:

Now don´t fret, there is a party every week so if you don´t want to wait til November 10, go tomorrow Nov.3! Grammy Award Winner Frankie Biggz will be there, and if you like Eminem, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears, you´ll want to show up to see Frankie, since he produces their music!

Not only is the music sick but the dancing too…breakdance, krumping, all of it!

For more information, search for Penelope Wednesdays on Facebook or email
Penelope Wednesdays is where its at…now get off the couch and go!


One response to “Nightlife: Sala Penelope

  1. You said it allll!!!! Thanks for the press dahhhrling!!! Viva LifeAndStyleMadrid!!!!

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