Gossip Girl Stylist Designing a Line of Party Dresses!

I know that this blog is about Madrid but lets be real: anything Gossip Girl related, although not neccesarily relavent, will be posted here.  JUST BECAUSE I SAID SO.  (My mom used to say that to me as a kid…drove me crazy…love using it now).

ANYWAY Gossip Girl stylist Eric Daman, who also designed Henri Bendel´s Gossip Girl windows is now creating a line of party dresses. (I remember these while living in NYC-actually took pics at the time, see below!)

However, I doubt you´ll see Blair and Serena wearing the line on the show…the price point will be an affortable $50 and under and the line will be sold at Charlotte Russe…can we say millions of eager teens lining up outside the store, just waiting to buy their prom dress to look just like Blair?!

The line has just become available at the end of October…anyone in the USA seen it? If so comment away, would love to hear opinions!


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