Medieval Market Time!

One of the most interesting things about Spain is the festivals they have.  I am not talking backyard 4th of July bbq with brats beer and baby pool (although there is NOTHING wrong with that peeps, nothing at all).  During most of the festivals in Spain, you are literally transported back in time, and it´s really an experience.  Every year in Alcala de Henares, they put on a Medieval Festival in October.  There are tons of stands with fun little merchandise, food, costumes, parades, music, etc.   Many other towns in Spain also do this or something similar.  So I know it´s too late for this year but if you ever get an opportunity, check out a medieval festival!


One response to “Medieval Market Time!

  1. funny how “medieval spain” looks like “present day Morrocco”… just sayin’…

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