Art Scene…Pasión por Renoir

One of the most wonderful things Madrid has to offer  is ART.  Madrid is home to some of the most amazing and well known art museums in the world: the Prado, the Reina Sofia, and the Thyssen.  They often host exhibits for some of the worlds most famous artists, which makes for lucky and cultured Madrileños!

I love slowly puttering through the exhibits because really, when am I ever going to see a painting in a museum from Tokyo, another from NYC and another from Edinburgh all in the same place  at the same time again?!  I went last year to a Monet abstract exhibit in the Reina Sofia  (way cool to see the Monet paintings I grew up seeing as a kid in the Art Institute of Chicago in Madrid!!!) and was thrilled to hear about the Renoir exhibit that has recently opened up here in Madrid. The exhibit, ´Passion for Renoir´ will run from Oct. 19 to Feb. 6 at the Museo del Prado.  The exhibit is open from Tuesday to Sunday 9 am to 8 pm, and the ticket price is 8 euros, and 4 euros for seniors and students.  One my personal favorite attributes within Renoir´s style of painting is his color richness, blending  and contrast.  This painting, ´The Letter´, which is normally housed in Massachusetts, is on loan at the Prado for the exhibit.  To see it firsthand, click here for more info and location.


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