Saved by the Bell fashion…is it back? Jessie Spano is!

Like many others my age (which I won´t reveal but lets just say in the mid twenties region), I too, am…was…will always be obsessed with Saved by the Bell. I grew up crushing on Zach and wishing I was Kelly. Or Lisa. I could never decide! Anyway my bestie Marisa awakened me the other day with the realization that Saved by the Bell fashion is TOTALLY making a comeback! It´s true. See below for example number 1, featuring Miss Jessie Spano.  (I prefer to always think of Elizabeth Berkley in the Jessie Spano context, and not in the Showgirls context…)

Here we have Jessie wearing a grey off the shoulder sweatshirt and a black bow.  Now I own a black bow which is pictured below, and here we have a grey sweatshirt from Alloy. Ahh! Jessie is back!


5 responses to “Saved by the Bell fashion…is it back? Jessie Spano is!

  1. I have 2 of these sweatshirts. Thanks for using my idea, love it 🙂

  2. Yeah, it’s a little scary when you can purchase your rad 80’s Halloween costume not at Goodwill, but at any shopping mall. . .

  3. Loved Kelly’s spandex shorts and keds.

  4. I too own a pair of navy keds that my roommate will be wearing for her Kelly Kapowski costume.

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