Travel spot: Cuenca

So if you want to take a quick weekend jaunt from Madrid, I highly recommened Cuenca. Famous for its ´Casas Colgadas´ (hanging houses) Cuenca is a quaint Medieval town set upon the top of a hill.  The trip can be anywhere from a day trip to staying two nights.  I wouldn´t recommened more than that, as it is a small town.  Highlights include the hanging houses, the cathedral and basically all of the historical center.  Warning: this city invloves a lot of climbing…wear comfortable shoes and expect a serious quad workout!  A nice but reasonable hostel/hotel is La Posada Huecar.  My two night stay was pleasant here and included private bathrooms, flat screen tv, a cool attic window, all in all rustic and charming for a very low price.  For more information visit:

It´s really easy to access Cuenca from Madrid, its a 2.5 hour train ride at a reasonable price. Visit for train tickets.

Pictured below are the hanging houses, the Cathedral, a view of the bridge, and the river


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