Deivie Fashion!

Now I know this blog is Madrid based but when a hot new designer is fresh I have to post, regardless of location-its my duty to the fashion world!!  Additionally I happen to KNOW this lovely designer so therefore I introduce…Deivie by Christina Mannino!

Now a little history on the designer herself, Miss Christina Mannino.  As a young girl, she was constantly painting, drawing-her Lisa Frank trapper keeper was full of designs and ideas!  Fresh into college, she taught herself to sew, and its certaintly evolved into a whole world of fabulousness!  Using her summers off from the University of Virgina to partake in programs at Parsons School of Design and FIT, Christina refined her design skills by learning from the best in the industry with internships at Anna Sui, Zac Posen, and Loeffler Randall. Moving to NYC after graduation, she continued to intern part-time as she learned the business side of the fashion world by working in Buying (at Lord and Taylor, with me-this is how we met).   You can see from her designs that she is a true artist.  She works alongside a patternmaker in Chelsea and an NYC factory to create her clothing.

First, a few pieces from her holiday 2010 line, inspired by Miles Aldridge´s (fashion photographer ) Le Menage Enchante series in which he shot models in black and darker colors on lovely pastel carousel ponies.  Other inspirations include  the elegant Rita Hayworth and Damien Hirst’s spot series.  The above shot is also from her Holiday line.

Holiday 2010

Gorgeous, no? I want to snag all these pieces to wear to upcoming holiday parties.  I love the contrasting textures too.

NOW Christina must have known when designing her Spring 2011 line that people in Spain were going to want in, so she used a flamenco influence in her designs, along with a Sofia Loren vibe.

Spring 2011

I love the contrasting textures again! Just as holiday makes me want to slip a dress on and drink eggnog, these spring looks make me want to embrace the yellow and go on like, a boat ride or do something springy!  My personal favorite is the red one shoulder…gorgeous!

Well there´s no doubt in my mind that Christina Mannino is a very talented young lady and I am certain that Deivie has a long and prosperous future ahead!

For more information, visit

Also, Christina has her own art website, with some absolutely stunning pieces! Check it out at


3 responses to “Deivie Fashion!

  1. OMG, the long dress with the floral layers at the bottom! Want.

  2. Katy it´s so you…so LA haha! 🙂 It would look gorg on you!

  3. OMG, i love the short yellow floral dress! Chrissie, I want it. Love your work!!!!!!!!!!!!

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