Closet Crash!

Today´s victim: HEATHER!

Since the leaves are changing color and the cooler breeze is hitting, Heather dug out a few of her fall favorites to share with us! Here goes:

Check out these gams! And the fabbbbulous boots on them! Everyone, and I mean everyone should have a basic pair of black boots.  This pair is stylish, comfortable, and made by fan favorite Frye.  Frye boots run pricey but the leather is mint and the quality…you can´t go wrong. Frye boots can last you years and years. Nice pick Heather!

This material is really trending right now and this shirt is no exception.  The silky pink material is muted and perfect for fall.  It´s from Sfera.

Again, with this fabulous floaty fabric, Heather has this shirt from H and M.  This army green color is really picking up this season, and it´s one of my personal favorites.

Next we´ve got this adorable clutch from Mango.  I love the colors, it´s like the leaves are changing color…right on my bag!

This plaid jacket from Zara is perfect for fall.  You can wear it tied or un-tied, it´s great either way!

Last but not least, we have this amazing dress matched with perfect hat and shoes!

Love the color of the dress…again this military color thing is so in this season.

Closeups below so you can see the textures of the dress, hat and shoes.

Dress: Sfera

Shoes: Forever 21

Hat: boutique in Cali

THANKS to Heather for letting us into your closet filled with amazing things! You rock!


3 responses to “Closet Crash!

  1. I LOVE EVERYTHING, mostly the pretty lady! ❤

  2. Me want boots porf grac.

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