Beauty Product 101: Dry Shampoo

Ever want to wash your hair but don´t have the time? Or those greasy bangs just need a little kick?  I recommened using a dry shampoo.  My personal favorite by TRESemmé isn´t too pricey and is easy to find at virtually any drugstore or online at  You spray it on your roots, brush it out, and your hair is left less oily with more volume.  I particularly like this product because it has a nice smell, it´s really like you´ve washed your hair!  Only downside is it can sometimes leave a light whiteish powder residue, so use sparingly and only underneath on the roots!


2 responses to “Beauty Product 101: Dry Shampoo

  1. I’ve used it a few times (even this morning!) and while it does make my hair look freshly washed it doesn’t give it any volume. Maybe it’s just because my hair’s so fine and flat to begin with? Boo.

  2. Just remembered to purchase, will report back to you on my experience.

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