Ask Lori: Are boat shoes back?

This is a totally loaded question, wow.  Thanks Nina for sending this one my way.  Prepare for a long answer kids.

IN GENERAL menswear is in the year. And it´s not going anywhere. This includes so many styles, the boyfriend blazer, oxford shoes, wide leg jeans, pinstripes, etc.  I definately consider boat shoes to be menswear so in that case…boat shoes are back!

1. Boat shoes are ALWAYS  in the following cities/states/regions:

a. Boston

b. anywhere in Rhode Island

c. select areas of Virginia, Maryland, DC, and Connecticut.

d. having never been to Maine or New Hampshire, I am not sure but it´s a possibility.

e. Anywhere where you own a boat

2. Boat shoes really have to go along with your personality.  For example, I don´t wear boat shoes because I don´t have a preppier type of style.  My style is more urban, I lean toward boots and leggings and oversized sweaters and funky jewelry and I don´t even own a pair of khakis.  This does not however mean they aren´t in style.  I have seen many boat shoes and moccasins coming back into style. You just have to be a preppier person, stylewise, otherwise you won´t be able to pull it off.

3.  In Madrid, boat shoes are what is considered ´Pijo´.  This is a certain type of style or type of person in Madrid that dresses ´rich´or preppy.  People here use this word to describe places, like bars and nightclubs that have this certain type of clientele or to describle people who dress this way. It´s a little difficult to peg an exact translation to the word but I know that boat shoes fall into this ´pijo´category!

Ok so now that we have a sort of background here on boat shoes, I would like to share what I have seen in Madrid, since this blog is technically about Madrid style.  Then I will give a few options of where to buy them.  I have here a newspaper article in which they ´teach´you the essentials on how to dress ´pijo´in Madrid.  They say in the article that preppy or pijo style is based on copying looks from Ivy League USA schools, such as Harvard or Princeton.  The Lacoste alligator, boat shoes, khakis are just a few of the key items needed to execute this kind of style.  The article discusses books to read, such as True Prep and The Ivy Look, and pijo style icons, such as Blair Waldorf  or John F. Kennedy.  Apparently in the boat shoe world, Bass Weejuns are the brand to have, at least for men.

Newspaper article, Sept. 21 ADN

Now boat shoes are normally more of a summer fashion but I guess you can really sport them in the fall or spring too.

Some of my favorites:

If you are looking for a more traditional boat shoe, try these by Ralph Lauren

If you prefer something just a little less literal, try this plaid look from Keds.

Here we have Blake Lively wearing blue ones.  The blue is more summerish but the brown is a nice way to translate them to fall.  The brown ones are LL Bean, $32.

These are just a few examples. If you´d like to buy a pair, try searching ´preppy shoes´on


2 responses to “Ask Lori: Are boat shoes back?

  1. I have been rocking my Sperry Topsiders for a few seasons . They are just now getting to the point where the sea water and sea mud has brought them out of the “preppy” and in to the “cool” and “proven”. Also, this should go without saying but never wear visible socks with your boat shoes.

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