Óle Lola Lounge and Restaurant

I have been a fan of this restaurant-lounge for quite awhile now.  When I went back this past week it was exactly as it´s always been…fabulous!

Now a very important point I´d like to express is that all service in Spain is terrible.  Since we don´t tip, which is kinda awesome, you pretty much get what you pay for…not much!  The truth is, no one pays attention to you and you have to stalk people to get drinks, food, the bill, etc.  Óle Lola is no exception. Service stinks, but thats to be expected in this country.  The reason I adore this lounge so much is because…it´s simply cool.  The decor is beautiful, the drinks are tasty and reasonably priced and I love the ambiance of it all…dark, red, bordello like, lounge music…exactly the type of back I´d pick to throw back a few. Even if I have to stalk the waiter to do so.

I have only eaten a few tapas there, which have all been meger in portion size but yummy.  A glass of red or white wine will run you about 2.50 euros. They have an extensive menu of martini´s and all sorts of flashy drinks that run from 6 to 8 euros.  It gets crowded on the weekends, so arrive before 10 pm if you don´t want to wait!

Visit the website for the address and more info (make sure to click the ´light switch´ button on website to listen to the music-it´s house music by Madrid native Lady Margo, fantastic!!!)



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