Gossip Girl Fashion: Season 4 Episode 3

When Serena paraded herself into Fashion Night Out and demanded to know where Blair was, I LITERALLY shrieked with joy because her dress was out of control amazing.  Then we see Blair in her sequined Valentino number…honestly, it was overwhelming, I had to take out my Jessica Simpson black stilleto heels and put them on while I sat on the sofa and finished the episode, you know, just to be part of the drama it was all just so fantastic.

PS- This dress was designed by Jenny Packham, her 2010 fall collection.

Now Blair´s Valentino is just as striking, again, the picture of her with the flip flops doesn´t do it justice but it´s all I could find!


One response to “Gossip Girl Fashion: Season 4 Episode 3

  1. Lori, I love your blog too!!! I was also pleasantly shocked as I saw Serena with that fantastic Jenny Packham dress and Blair with her Valentino number. The cat fight was also a welcome addition btw.

    Ethen Windsor


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