Heart these Bags!

Everyone loves purses.  Well, atleast I do.  These are some of my faves, pictured below!  Most are vintage too, added bonus!  Any of these would be perfect for a night out!

NOTE: During my vigorous step class at the gym, my one of my actupuncture needles fell out and disappeared!  I tried to act natural but I sorta panicked, I mean my face needle is now stuck in the bottom of someone else´s Reebok…in any case I feared the worst…being unbalanced, which resulted in me taking out the other needle, which I promtly lose in my boyfriends bathroom…oops.  Acupuncture experiement didn´t work out so well I suppose.  The strange part is my purse craving has not disappeared…must immediately question a holistic medicine man.  Think that guy from Eat Pray Love is booked?  Guess I´ll call Vicky at the spa.  Enjoy the bags!

1. Navy Clutch: Vintage, from a shop in Wicker Park, Chicago

2. Black:  from Zara 2010 fall collection

3. Red: Vintage from a thrift shop in Dublin, Ireland

4. Closeup of Vintage Red


One response to “Heart these Bags!

  1. Yay, love #1 🙂

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