Julie Roberts and Javier Bardem in Spain!

This fabulous pair made an appearance in San Sebastian on September 20th to promote their new film and its debut in Spain, Eat Pray Love. (Come, reza, ama is the name in Spanish).  They attended the film´s premiere during the Festival de Cine (Film Festival) that happens annually in San Sebastian.  Roberts was then awarded the Donostia Lifetime Achievement Award.  They sure look good together…watch out Penelope! Julia´s gonna take your man!


One response to “Julie Roberts and Javier Bardem in Spain!

  1. Julia Roberts attaches herself to whoever is popular. The way she hangs on to her co-stars with no regard for their wives or girlfriends ( or her husband for that matter) is disrespectful. When I look at this photo and see that she is not only holding his hand, but holding onto his arm as well. There is alot of intimacy there, at least on her part. I remember at the Oscars when Denzel won; she wouldn’t leave his side for the rest of the evening when he was being interviewed. She kept injecting herself into it. It was HIS moment! She didn’t care that Danny Moder was married, so that tells you something about her…and she has always fallen in love with her co-stars.

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