Ask Lori: Should I wear over the knee socks with boots?

This is the first post involving an advice question from one of my FANS! (ok one of my friends…it´s fun to think I have actual fans though) I would be more than happy to do my best to answer any and all fashion questions you all might have-so keep sending em my way!  Thanks Kim, for throwing this one out here.  Tall socks with boots, a do or don´t?

I hate having to say this, but this is a trend that truly looks better on those who are tall and skinny.  Being short myself, I am not sure I can rock this trend.  So that is advice number one.  You also want to make sure your boots are tall enough.  I find that the boots should atleast be close to your knees or over the knees.  Also, blending is good. Too much color variation breaks up lines and makes one look stocky.  Next advice is to simply do it tastefully. No one wants to see anyone wearing denim dukes with tights, first of all, and let alone the knee socks and boots with it. It´s plain trashy.  See below for a don´t photo.

Even though this girl is tall and thin, the mid calf boots and the gray socks with black tights and short blue shorts make her look stocky.  There are too many color changes here.  The boots are too short to wear such tall socks. And you should never, EVER wear denim shorts with tights.  Period.

The next three pictures work for a variety of reasons.  One, each pair of boots is tall enough.  Two, the colors work, even if some are bright like yellow and purple.  The models are each lucky enough to be tall and thin.  One last tip is that this look often works better with heeled boots, as opposed to flat boots.  Girls, when in doubt, ask your friends.  They should tell you the truth!  Good luck!


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