Hot Deal

Hola party peeps!

Whenever I happen to find a hot deal on something, a sale, a great price, I am going to post it up here.  This way the Madrileñas can run out and pick it up and the Estados Unidenses can all seethe with jealousy.

So I KNOW I have been obsessed with purses lately…I attribute it to the following.  My lovely friend Vicky who owns a spa, upon hearing that I can never seem to sleep (hello? Who wants to sleep when you can be out drinking wine, posting fashion news, watching Jersey Shore…etc?) decided that she was going to give me acupuncture in order to help.  So, currently I have two tiny little needles pressed into the sides of my face. Vicky told me that it would create balance in my life, that I would begin to crave things my body needs, like certain foods or types of exercise.

Now the result of this is that all I CRAVE IS PURSES.  Apparently I must have been purse deprived as a child and what my aching pre-osteoporosis bones crave is NOT milk, but purses. Purses, totes, bags, all shapes and sizes my friends.

In conclusion, what you will be seeing on this blog is going to be bags, bags, and more bags, until these needles come out of my face!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO long story short, hot deal of the week is this amazing bucket bag from Blanco, only 4.99 euros my friends, translates to approx 6 US dollars.  QUICK RUN AND BUY IT.  Blanco Accessories, Conde Peñalver, Barrio Salamanca. (Let´s be real…I had to severely resist not to buy it myself, let alone grab it and run out door screaming omg I heart purses!…I think investing in 2 bucket bags this season is probably enough. Damn needles.)


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