Madrid makes the cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madrid has officially been listed as number 10 in the top 40 fashion capitals of the world, according to the Global Language Monitor´s list of Top Global Fashion Capitals! I feel so proud, clearly someone´s been reading my blog lol. Interesting new stats include Rome plummeting to 22, the lowest it´s ever been.  Hong Kong beats out both Paris and London, which is fascinating. Number 13 goes to Sao Paolo, beating out Rio and Buenos Aires.  Additionally, I would like to proudly point out that Chicago makes this list for the very first time, at number 37!

Here´s the list…see for yourself!

1. New York – Reclaims the top spot which it sees as its rightful place.

2. Hong Kong  – The highest ranking ever for an Asian city. And, the first time, the No. 2 ranking goes to anyone other than the Classic Four (New York, Paris, London and Milan).

3. London

4. Paris

5. Los Angeles-mainly due to film industry

6. Milan– Milan Fashion Week was widely considered a disappointment.

7. Sydney

8. Miami  – strength in swimwear propels Miami into the Top Ten.

9. Barcelona – (Okay sorry in my eyes, should have gone to MAD but whatevs)

10. Madrid – Impressive leap into the Top Ten-WOOOOOOO

11. Melbourne

12. Shanghai

13. Sao Paulo

14. Tokyo

15. Singapore

16. Las Vegas

17. Amsterdam – Moves on to the list for the first time.

18. Berlin

19. Rio de Janeiro

20. Moscow

21. Dubai

22. Rome – Steepest decline for the survey, ever.

23. Cape Town

24. Buenos Aires

25.   Johannesburg

26.  Prague

27. Vienna

28. Mumbai

29. Mexico City

30. New Delhi

31. Santiago

32. Bali

33. Stockholm

34. Copenhagen

35. Bangkok

36. Warsaw

37. Chicago

38. Toronto

39. Krakow

40. (Tie) Dallas

40. (Tie) Atlanta


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