Celeb look of the week…and why it´s bossy!

Who and Where: Shanae Grimes of 90210 was spotted at the Food and Wine Tasting of Beverly Hills, on Sept. 2, wearing this fabulous vintage floral number.

Why it´s bossy:

1. The girly flower dress matched with the oxford menswear shoes makes for a great juxtaposition.  I love mixing things like this that don´t ´go´together.

2. SHE IS TOTALLY WEARING LYCRA LACE SHORTS UNDERNEATH HER DRESS!!!  I bought a pair of these on sale at H and M for 3 dollars last spring and have yet to wear them.  My friends laughed and jeered at me (one in particular, calling them ´Stephanie Tanner pants!´-you know who you are…) but I am sorry Shanae looks like a rockstar wearing them under that amazing floral vintage dress.

Advice: Florals are a springy summer look but you can probably still get away with wearing them a bit longer, weather permitting.  Zara makes some nice ones.  Pair them with a flat or heeled pair of mens oxford shoes.  Lycra lacey shorts underneath are optional.

NOTE:  Ladies,  I will not be responsible for allowing you to wear lycra bike shorts with a nasty t-shirt and Reeboks.  They are to be used SPARINGLY and only paired with the right outfit.  Please, run the look by your friends…if they say you look like Stephanie Tanner, well, take ´em off and try something else!


2 responses to “Celeb look of the week…and why it´s bossy!

  1. Do you know what is the shoes she wearing ?

  2. @ Tiffany- You know I am not sure…wish I knew because I love them! Sorry!

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