USAfluid Brand Conditioning Fluid Rust Remover Supreme Penetrating & Gun Oil Machinery Preservative Bulk Gallon


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Product Description

Bulk Gallon Bottle for Canister and pump sprayer, brush, and wipe on applications – at an Amazon Special Price.. USAfluid provides ultra high performance with LONG TERM service with a wide variety of uses and functionality that’s beyond anything else available in the world. USAfluid superior formulation goes 5 to 10 times as far as any other on the market, therefore USAfluid provides Extreme Value for the cost. A can lasts a year in regular usage, which works out to under a nickel a day. Known as ‘Cost Control in a can’ by plant maintenance and shop mechanics, USAfluid saves many times it’s cost every time you use it in savings on expensive heavy equipment. USAfluid is designed to be safe. The residual coating left on the surface is even food grade. USAfluid removes the issue of corrosion and rust from your life. Surfaces treated with USAfluid (Vehicles, Tools, Antiques, weapons, etc.) will remain corrosion free for years in use, and can be stored for a decade indoors and will remain exactly as they were when first treated. Ultimate chrome cleaner and rust remover. Chrome remains preserved years in storage. Motorcycle pipes, custom chrome – collections and museums everywhere use USAfluid Products. Stuck engines on old equipment – Tractors, Motorcycles, Cars, Snowmobiles, Trucks, etc. have been loosened up with USAfluid in every corner of the country. See the USAfluid.Com website for complete sections of testimonies and usage information.. ‘I have used it many times in different applications and it has worked like a champ every time. I think every garage should have at least one can handy..’ J. Jones. USAfluid is The Ultimate Weapon against the effects of time. Designed by Industry for Industry, USAfluid is used by the Army National Guard for Facilities, vehicle and weapons maintenance. 100% Product Cost Money Back Guarantee. In Stock for Immediate Shipment.


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