Spotless Stainless Marine Rust Remover and Protectant – 16 Ounce (Pint)


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Product Description

Rust Remover and Protector is a revolutionary new product that removes rust and the ‘surface iron’ that causes rust from Stainless Steel. Spotless Stainless leaves a rich chromium surface on Stainless Steel and when exposed to oxygen in the air forms a tough protective oxide layer. This Chromium oxide layer protects Stainless Steel and will extend the time between cleaning. Spotless Stainless does not use caustic chemicals that are dangerous and toxic to the environment. The protective oxide layer can be damaged by exposing it to materials (tools), chlorides (salts), bleach, and other harsh chemicals. The marine environment is especially harsh on Stainless Steel. In addition, abrasives such as polishes may damage the protective layer on Stainless Steel. Damage to the protective layer exposes iron to the atmosphere which reacts with oxygen to form rust. Many rust removal products use concentrations of strong acids that may remove the rust from Stainless Steel, but in most cases leaves the surface iron to rust again. By not removing the surface iron rust will return quickly and you may have more rust than before. Highly concentrated, strong acids may damage Stainless Steel by exposing more iron or attacking other elements in Stainless Steel. Spotless Stainless, Rust Remover and Protector removes both rust and the surface iron and will not attack the other elements in Stainless Steel. Spotless Stainless uses a chemical formulation that is generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. Rust Remover and Protector works best when temperatures are above 70 degrees F (21c). The time needed for removing rust and surface iron is related to the temperature. Warmer temperatures will yield better results in less time. , Stainless Steel Rust Remover and Protector is an environmentally friendly product available to the marine industry that restores Stainless Steel’s protective layer. Brush On, Rinse Off – Safe, Fast and Easy..


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