Montana Original Tri-Angle Boars Hair Car Wash Brush


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Product Description

The unique shape of the Montana Original Tri-Angle Boars Hair Wash Brush eliminates the hard edges of the brush head by covering all its sides in soft boars hair bristles. Tilt the brush on its side and the bristles will still have excellent contact with the vehicle surface. This brush offers great access to concave areas and crevices plus the luxury of genuine boars hair! Boars hair is surprisingly soft and its durability is unmatched by any other natural hair. Its been used to make hair brushes for people for years. Unlike synthetic bristles that can rub your vehicle the wrong way, boars hair stays soft. It lightly massages the surface of the paint and, amazingly, it doesnt fall limp when wet. No nylon or polyester fibers are used in this brush its 100% boars hair! Each of the dense bundles of hair is permanently secured to a 10 molded plastic block. Bristles extend from the sides, front, and bottom of the block, creating a huge surface area. This design allows you to tilt the brush to clean in tight places. The abundance of bristles gives the Montana Original Tri-Angle Boars Hair Wash Brush exceptional surface contact to clean large vehicles faster. Boars hair naturally holds more soapy water than synthetic materials and the bristles do not retain dirt like sponges or mitts can.


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