Menzerna 439T Universal Pre-Polishing Paste Green Rouge Bar (Heavy Cut)


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Product Description

Menzerna 439T Green Bar 1.2 kg Pre-Polishing Compound Superior Cut Factor 7 Gloss 1200 grams per bar. This is one of the best high grade compounds that has good cut but also leaves a good colour. Popular for polishing shops that like to use just one compound. Also used as a second polishing process. Menzerna 439 T is the perfect and often approved paste for the efficient prepolishing of your workpieces of stainless steel and NF-metals. This paste is the answer to your requirements concerning highest quality and effectiveness. Applications: Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Zinc, Titanium, Steel, Iron, Stainless steel, Bronze. Stats: Cut Factor 7 Gloss Factor 5 Made in Germany


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