Flitz Polish & Buff Ball Combo


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Both Flitz balls are made of imported Italian Viscose, an extremely tough but soft material that stands up well to polishing automotive surfaces. Viscose does not shed lint or rip on corners or sharp edges. Use the Flitz Polish & Buff Ball Combo on any surface, including fiberglass, metal, Plexiglas, painted surfaces, plastics, Eisenglass, and wood to remove blemishes and restore a like-new appearance. Flitz Polishing Ball The Flitz Polishing Ball will buff out scuffs, oxidation, tarnish, brake dust, pitting, corrosion on ALL metals, painted surfaces, fiberglass, plastics, eisenglass, and wood. It works great on textured or smooth surfaces. Cleans Diamond Plate in seconds! Buffing your auto’s paint was never easier. Road wheels? – now a breeze to clean and polish. The viscose is cut into dozens of foam tabs that spin and polish surfaces until they shine. Flitz Super Mini Büff Ball The Super Mini Büff Ball is a smaller version of the original Flitz ball. It is made of the same viscose material but with shorter, tighter tabs that work in more of a buffing action than polishing. The ball has a patented 8 inch metal shaft built into it to extend your reach and protect your hands. Buff off polish and wax between spokes, pipes, grill slats, engine components, and more! The shaft is covered in a no-scratch plastic sleeve to protect the surfaces you are buffing. The Flitz Super Mini Büff Ball is a must-have for motorcycle and boat owners.


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