DualPolymer Waterless Car Wash and Tire and Trim Shine Full Car Care Detail Kit | Made in USA | Microfiber Towels Included


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Size:Carwash + Tire Shine Combo DualPolymer Waterless Car Wash and Shine provides the best water free car wash experience available. Add to Cart Now! Frequently asked questions Can DualPolymer be used on hot surfaces?Yes! DualPolymer can be used on hot and cold surfaces. Cooler temerpatures will use less product. Can DualPolymer be applied on a wet car?In fact it can. We recommend eliminating some water from your vehicle prior to applying. Should I use DualPolymer on a clean car?You can use our product on both dirty and clean vehicles. Think of this as a quick wax. How long will this bottle last me?Our 32oz bottle should be good for 8-10 washes, but this can vary depending on the size, temperature and how dirty your vehicle is. Can DualPolymer remove water spots?Yes, yes it can! We’ve added a fine polish to our product that will help remove fine scratches and water spots. Does the Tire and Trim product make a wet or matte finish?The Tire and Trim Shine you can achieve both. Spray and wipe until dry for a matte finish. Spray a final mist coat for a deep wet look. What type of surfaces can your products be used on?It can product all! Paint, rubber, plastic, metal, chrome and more! What about my sweet wheels?Clean and polish your rims with our Waterless Car Wash to cut down on brake dust. You’ll see the difference! Will your products remove scratches?Our Waterless Car Wash will remove fine micro-scratches. For deeper scratches we recommend our Metal Polish product that is safe on all painted surafaces Our entire line of products will help you keep your vehicle protected and clean for years to come. BUY NOW!


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