BEST SUPPLY BlackStar Aerosol Rust Converter/3 Aerosol Cans


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Video – Blackstar Rust Converter Video – Blackstar Rust Converter Before and After Application **Aerosols not currently eligible for free shipping. Black Star Rust Converter: New and Improved formula for 2015. Kills rust and chemically converts it to a durable abrasion and corrosion resistant polymer resin. No sanding, wire wheeling, grinding or sand blasting necessary. Instantly turns rust into a black super hard polymer resin that will never re-oxidize, guaranteed. Blackstar Rust Converter acts as an outstanding primer or final coat. Blackstar can be top coated with any oil or solvent based coating such as epoxies, enamels, urethanes, etc. . Black Star is in use by thousands of Ranchers and Farmers, Auto body shops, Cruise ship lines, off shore oil platforms, municipal highway transportation departments as well as the U.S Navy, U.S. Coast Guard. MROCHEM’s Blackstar Rust Converter is our very best rust conversion high-tech formula. In the harshest weather Black Star kills rust dead. For use on any metal exposed to weather or corrosive chemicals including cars, trucks, trailers, marinas, oil rigs in the ocean, Bridge structures, steel metal barns and sheds, grain bins, metal roofs, fences, or metal surfaces exposed to rock salt. 1000’s of uses! Please note that the on-screen color representations are not necessarily precise representations of actual product color due to variance in monitor calibrations.


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