Aerolon Tech Shine Gallon


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Originally developed for the aerospace and marine industries to inhibit corrosion and oxidation, and to reduce surface tension for marine watercraft, and to help improve overall aerodynamics for aircraft. Tech Shine is a wet applied, moisture activated, clear coat. The coating process takes less than 5 minutes for most standard sized vehicles. Tech Shine bonds on contact with wet surfaces and creates an unbelievable shine.The unique anti-stick formula helps keep your vehicle cleaner, longer and reduces your need for car washing. It is safe to use each time you wash your vehicle. It acts as a sunscreen to help prevent UV ray induced paint fade and oxidation.Tech Shine is easy to apply and a little goes a long way. Two ounces will cover a medium size vehicle.Step 1.) Wash and rinse your vehicleStep 2.) Apply Tech Shine to all exterior surfaces.Step 3.) Rinse and Dry.We guarantee that Tech Shine is so easy to use, that you will want to shine and shield after every wash.


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