17 Inch Honeycomb Diamond Floor Polishing Pad 50 Grit


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Product Description

The 17 inch HONEYCOMB Diamond Floor Pad for terrazzo, marble, limestone, or concrete is the most advanced diamond pad for floors we have seen. Imagine having the ability to hone, remove scratches, and polish marble, limestone and concrete without the fuss of traditional diamond pads, sponge risers, or hook and loop drive plates. The Honeycomb Diamond floor pads have 12 hexagon diamond resin segments infused directly into the 17′ nylon pad. They take you from aggressive cutting to final polish. It is as simple as switching out 17′ nylon floor pads on your standard floor machine. The spongee nature of these pads allow the diamonds to glide over the floor without being impeded by lippage or ‘picture framing’ No more messy powders or messy pastes. Try the Honeycomb diamond floor pads today. Available in 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, and 3000 grits


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