10 Pack Shammy Cleaning Cloth Towels 20 X 27 Made in Germany Wholesale


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10 Pack Shammy Cleaning Cloth Towels Washable 20 X 27 – Made in Germany These handy super absorbent shammy cloths truly are a wonder! One simple cloth can clean up dust, grime, dirt, etc. – wet or dry – with no soap or nasty chemicals. For wet spills, For dry messes, the unique microfiber material sucks up dust and similar debris like a magnet. The cloth absorbs 27 TIMES more liquid than a regular paper towel! Machine Washable – Wash and Dry after use and each towel is like new! Scratch-Free – will not scratch surfaces! Can be cut to any size and make many more smaller cloths! Go Green with these environmentally friendly reusable cloths Save money – why throw your money away on expensive paper towels? As useful for scrubbing away grime as it is for polishing glass, chrome, brass, stainless steel, or silver. Other Possible Uses Include: Gym Towel – dry your sweat and keep the gym equipment clean. Car / Auto Detailing – Lint-Free drying after every carwash. Car Interior Cleaning – Keep one in the glove box for a quick dusting of the interior or dashboard. Kitchen – Dry dishes with one towel that actually works! Household – dust with a dry towel, clean mirrors with a damp towel, pick up spills wet or dry! Dry sweaters and other hand wash clothing or lingerie (simply pat dry or roll in towel to absorb moisture) Dry pets without using all your bath towels SIZE: 20 X 27 10 pack


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